A new way of supporting low scale businesses in Africa!

Beyond Credit is a technology driven financial services company that provides insurance backed loans, business support and savings services to low scale businesses.

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Our Model

Success in business goes beyond cash alone. That is why our innovative approach of supporting entrepreneurs at the bottom of the pyramid includes financial education training, Insurance backed loans, a platform for savings and support groups. We are currently serving solely female entrepreneurs in the present but will welcome male entrepreneurs in the future.

Financial Training

Our target entrepreneurs are by default low in financial wisdom of planning and budgeting for their businesses. Through our trainings, we empower them with these knowledge.

Insurance backed loans

Our loans are backed with insurance to cover risks such as health and fire.


We advice and help clients create systems that will help them save their profit so that they can be financially stable in the long run.

Support Groups

To ensure responsibility on the part of our clients regarding timely loan repayment, we divide them in groups of 6 entrepreneurs. The group is then responsible for all its members.

Our Impact

Within the short period we entered the market, we are excited about the number of people we have touched with our loans and financial education.


Loan Repayment Rate

Our Unique Features

To get a loan with us is as easy as walking into a bank and withdrawing cash from a personal account.

  • You get a loan in one week
  • No collateral required.
  • No passport photograph required
  • No photocopy of documents
  • Convenient repayment terms
  • Empowerment / training programmes for customers
  • Additional loan for asset / school support for existing customers, etc
  • Insurance coverage for your loan (fire, disability and death)

How Our Clients Sign Up


Orientation &

When a new client comes to us via a referral or through a contact with one of our loan agents, we do an orientation of what we do for entrepreneurs and when she decides to apply for our loan, we do a short interview for her and then collect some basic data about her business. i.e type of business, stock size and other historical data. We review this application and then make a decision to grant her a loan, or not.



Most of our clients comes in groups of 6. When they are not complete, we often pair them with others to ensure the group is complete. Further orientation is done at this stage to inform of clients of training dates, how to repay loans, group responsibilities, terms of the loan and agent follow up processes. Orientation has proved to be a crucial part of our processes.


Loan Collection
& Follow Up

Once we are done with grouping, orientation and the required documentation, we sign papers (terms of loan and insurance policies backing the loans) and we then present them a check.


Extra Services

We usually train our clients on planning and budgeting. This added values comes after we have given out checks and we do it it to enable them grow their businesses. Also, our agents will usually check on our clients to ensure the terms of the loans are met and that the loans are being repaid as agreed.

Our Success Stories

Adisa o ni Pomo

The Story of Mulikat Adebayo (The Pomo Seller)

Beyond Credit has helped me increase my stock. Before I was trading at N 15,000 revenue per week but now I have grown to 35,000 per week. I now have more money to serve and to care for my 3 children ...

Tolulope Fasoranti

They have taught me how to plan my business. I now know how and what to do to move my business ahead.

Fatimah Alonge

I never knew I could save with the little I was making. They have worked with me and my group and we now save money which helps us invest in our business and care for our families. I am grateful to God and for Beyond Credit..

Our partner

Need help or someone to talk to. Call us on this number 0809 150 1977. You can also send us a mail

Who We Are & What We Do

We are a technology-driven financial services company focused on empowering low-income entrepreneurs across Africa. We seek to provide them with opportunities to grow their businesses, improve their standard of living and thereby have better outcomes in life. We aim to give them hope of a better life by equipping them with appropriate tools needed to attain greater financial independence.


Empower owners of micro enterprises by providing them access to financial services and other tools to escape poverty.


To build an innovative, scalable and sustainable organization that provides inclusive financial services to low-income micro entrepreneurs in Africa.

We are passionate about contributing to sustainable solutions to the Poverty Challenge in Africa

In Sub-Saharan Africa, about 350 million adults lack access to formal financial services. Nigeria accounts for more than 10 percent of this number. Without access to the right financial services, the poor are not able to withstand the slightest financial shocks and are therefore perpetually trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty.

Beyond Credit has been created with this problem in mind. Poverty, in our opinion, is one of the greatest injustices that mankind managed to create and sustain! It manifests itself through different outcomes, including: hunger and malnutrition, high infant mortality and low life expectancy, illiteracy in children and crime.

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Our Core Values

  •   Professionalism - We are deeply passionate about achieving outstanding results and also care about how these results are achieved. To this end, we frown at cutting corners and slothfulness. We uphold strong work ethics in discharging our duties to our customers, investors and also in relating with each member of our team.
  •   Accountability - We are mindful of the huge responsibilities placed on us by all our stakeholders. In this regard, we strive to be continually true to our set words and plans. We therefore seek to perpetually create an environment where every team member rises above challenges to ensure we achieve the goals we have set for ourselves as an organization.
  •   Fairness - Fairness to us means being unbiased, impartial, just and equitable in dealing with all our stakeholders.
  •   Integrity - We are careful to daily build a strong business based on trust, honesty, consistency and transparency. We are certain these qualities will set us apart and help to deepen our interactions with all our stakeholders.
  •   Respect - We aim to promote an environment where all our customers and team members are treated with courtesy irrespective of their backgrounds. We therefore value their inputs, opinions and ideas which will improve our work and help us remain competitive in the market space.

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Our Business Principles

  •   Customer Centric – We are aware that our customers have choices no matter how unattractive the choices are. In view of this, we constantly aim to remain relevant by anticipating the customers’ needs and striving to exceed them
  •   Innovative – To create positive impacts in this fast-changing business environment, we strive to be the best we can be. This means constantly challenging our methodologies and processes with the aim to be ahead of competition at all times.
  •   Daring – We are bold and ambitious with a sense of urgency to lift as many people as possible out of poverty.  
  •   Passionate – We are committed to making a difference in the lives of our low income customers who have entrusted us with their patronage.  

The Directors

Jude Njugo

Jude Njugo is the Chief Executive Officer of Beyond Credit. His work background cuts across development finance, banking, private equity and management consulting in West Africa. Prior to his current role, Jude was a Senior Investment Officer at the World Bank where he had extensive experience in the financial inclusion space working on initiatives to improve access to finance to MSMEs in Nigeria. He was a key member of the Financial Institutions team at the IFC which provided funding to several microfinance banks and institutions in Nigeria.

He has an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Bachelor degree in Accounting from the University of Lagos. He is also a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Nigeria.

Lanre Akinbo

Lanre Akinbo is the Managing Director of Wizer Advisory. He is an entrepreneur and a multi-disciplinary professional with extensive experience leading teams on financial advisory transactions. He has key experiences in business process optimization and automation. He is also a Financial and business strategy adviser to multi-lateral institutions and Boards of Directors of leading companies. Additionally, he is a committed advocate of human capital development and good governance in Nigeria. He is a member of the planning committee of the Nigeria Economic Summit Group and also a Board member of Believers Connect. He has an MBA from Columbia Business School and a Bachelor degree in Mathematics from the University of Lagos. He is also a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Nigeria.

Lolomari George

Lolomari George is the head of Treasury at Shell Exploration and Production companies in Nigeria. In this role, he is responsible for Treasury (Non Operations) and Insurance for the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) Joint Venture and the Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCO) PSC. Lolomari’s experience include fund raising, commercial negotiations and managing relationships with regulators.   He has a Bachelor degree in Accounting from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and he is also a member of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants UK and Institute of Chartered Accountants Nigeria.

Where we are

Locate Us

Office Address

Beyond Credit. Nigeria
518 Ikorodu Road, Ile-ile Bus stop beside Skye Bank Ketu, Lagos

Tel: 0809 150 1988, 0809 150 1899
0809 150 1857, 0809 150 1829, 0809 150 1861

Our Target Clients

We empower women entrepreneurs financially by providing access to financial services. We believe that when a woman is empowered the nation is empowered especially as women are more often direct bearers of the negative effects of poverty. Our products include credit/loans, savings, and insurance and financial literacy education.

We have big dreams of supporting 10 million entrepreneurs by 2022.

To achieve this, we will need not just your funds but your experience, passion and support.

We have big dreams of supporting 10 million entrepreneurs by 2022.

To achieve this, we will need not just your funds but your experience, passion and support.